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About us

Hi! I am Serge Guillou, for the past 25 years I specialised myself in the bar business; operations and development of bar concepts for luxury hotel properties and private bars.
At Barpartners we are committed to create unique and tailor-made cocktail experiences. As president of the Union of Belgium’s Bartenders and technical & tasting judge for IBA (the International Bartenders Association) I think that great cocktails need to have a good balance, a nice presentation and a preparation with the best tools and a lot of passion!
And most important: we enjoy sharing our passion for perfectly shaken and stirred cocktails with everybody who wants to have a good time!

THE PARTY BOX - 2020 Life & Work Changing Story 

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a ‘full stop’ of barpartners activities due to closures of bars, hotels, schools and other hospitality related businesses. No trainings, no bar concepts, no operations, no demand for supplies.

 The Party Box was created in May 2020 and revolves around the preparation and distribution of boxes with, in Belgium created cocktails with matching bits & bites to shake up corporate virtual meetings & events.

 Several companies have become our customers in record time and we have already processed large orders and thousands of ‘boxes’ send around the world for: